The Radio Facts Top 30 Black Women in Media WINNERS!!!


Ladies and Gents….Radio Facts, the leading urban industry trade site, brings to a close another one of our unique contests… The Radio FactsTop 30 Black Women in Media. Each contest gets better and better and this contest got the MOST votes to date. Some of the comments below were left by voters. Many people voted and didn’t leave comments. If any of the information is incorrect, please feel free to contact us here. Congratulations to the winners. Our next contest… The Radio Facts Top 10 Producers of All Time will start June 1.

#30 Ebony Steele – 97.9 The Beat- Co-host Rickey Smiley morning show
Ebony represents all women, not just black women. She remains calm ”heated” conversations and she is very informative You feel like you have personally known her for years.

29 Lin. Woods Urban Network, Gospel Editor

She is a radio, print and online media professional with 20 years experience. Woods has broken ground in the gospel industry on multiple platforms, With Urban Network she created and was Editor In Chief of the first of its kind gospel industry trade publication.

28 Neke Howse Radio One DC-Program Director
Neke is a leader in her own right. She’s passionate about what she does and she’s never settled for less. Her strong will to win places her in 1st running every time on any station she’s working!

27 Karen KJ Jordan KRNB
She represents all things good and real about life. Single mom, reaching out to the community, uplifting sisters, speaking up for the less fortunate, holding people to a standard of excellence, and walking in the life she talks about. Coming from humble beginnings in Louisville Ky she has managed to work her way up to a major market in Dallas TX. So proud of her and all she has accomplished. My high school classmate from the 80′s and my friend; Karen Jordan. To whom much is given much is required!

26 Sheliah Belle Radio One, On Air Personality and The Belle Report,
CEO Sheilah Belle, aka The Belle, has revolutionized how the Gospel Music Industry receives news about the Gospel Community and Industry with The Belle Report. She has also created The Belle Report Entertainment News Update that now airs on more than 50 radio stations around the country

Additionally, while her voice is heard across the country, she has also revolutionized Gospel Radio in Richmond, with her radio style with her “Questions of the Day,” Talk Thursday Conversations, and her strong interaction with her listeners.

25 Angelique Perrin Dial-Global – On Air personality
Angelique is a GO GETTER ! She is an extremely gifted personality who has the ability to work in multiple formats and genres – and not sell her soul to do it. She’d genuine and approachable, and that comes across the airwaves every time she touches a microphone. She has a very successful voice over and acting career, as well as being an accomplished writer and producer.She is the complete package !

24 Wanda Smith WVEE, V103/Atlanta Morning Show Side/Comedienne
Wanda brings a different personality to the Frank Ski morning show. She adds balance and she’s funny

23 Susan Davenport Austin VP and CFO Sheridian Broadcasting
This powerhouse of a business woman has brought her financial acumen to her family broadcasting business. Through various organizations including The LINKS of New York she is also very active in community work.

22 Gwen Ifel PBS
She hosts one of the most intelligent shows on Sunday morning, and she moderates Presidential election debates. She is a no-nonsense personality, and heaven knows, we need more like her.

21 Willie Mae McIver Covenant Media Group/CEO
Willie Mae McIver is a 31-year radio veteran, National Broadcasters Hall Of Fame Inductee, a Stellar Award Winner, and voted Radio Executive Of The Year by The National Association Of Black Female Executives (NABFEME). She has spent the last 22 years in syndication radio (her current syndicated radio show is Beyond The Praise). McIver was the Originator of ABC Radio Network’s Rejoice! Musical Soul Food Format. She has, and still provides mentorship and consultation to artists, radio announcers, gospel radio stations, churches and ministries.

20 Felicia “The Poetess” Morris – Jamie Foxx “Foxhole” Show producer. 

Felicia has been around for a couple of decades and has worked in many areas o the industry. She’s always willing to help other women trying to make strides in the industry

19 Terri Thomas Radio One OM Houston
One of the most creative people I have her met and worked with. She makes her stations stand out in Houston, great promotions, awesome on air teams and she always has the pulse of the city.

18 Gail Mitchell – Billboard Magazine- Senior Editor

Gail is one of the most respected women in the industry. 

17 First Lady Khris Raye Radio One Program Director AM 1310 The Light/Asst. Program Director WTLC-FM/Music Director WTLC-FM/Afternoon Personality WTLC-FM “First Lady” Khris Raye comes to Radio One Indianapolis’ from Chicago, where she was the host of “Whispers In The Dark” on top-rated WGCI-FM. First Lady started her career over 24 years ago singing “House Music and working at WGCI-FM as the first female mixer on the radio in Chicago. Since that time, First Lady has done radio stints in New York, Milwaukee, and Michigan. She is also the recipient of the 2006 Billboard Hip-Hop and R&B Radio Award UAC APD/MD of the year for a large market. Currently, First Lady is handling multiple responsibilities including being Program Director of the 2010 Stellar Award and DOVE Award Station of the Year AM1310 The Light WTLC-AM, she is the first woman to hold that position, as well as, Afternoon personality, Asst. Program Director and Music Director for UAC WTLC-FM.

16 Jamie Foster Brown Sister 2 Sister Magazine – Owner
Jamie is a woman who has held her own for a very long time in publishing. She has her own style and it works, Her interviews are informative, interesting and most times have a funny twist. She is also a big supporter of new acts which is sometimes hard to find. One feature in her magazine that I enjoy is “Who does she think she is?” that highlights other women and their jobs, mostly behind the scene people that you normally wouldn’t know about.

15 Egypt Sherrod WBLS Radio Personality/Actress/TV Hostess

Egypt is the consummate professional on and off the air. Her down to earth style keeps her listeners tuned in to her show everyday. Egypt has worked in radio as well as television and she also performs philanthropic endeavors that make her the perfect candidate.

14 Dede McGuire KKDA Morning Show Host and Doug Banks Show-Host and CoHost
She makes the audience feel like you know her personally. She is one of a very few female morning show hosts.

13 Jamillah Muhammed Radio One/Program Director
Ms. Muhammad has always been professional in her demeanor and a valuable mentor and philanthropist in her personal life. She has already made an impact in the DMV in her programming for Radio One. Her longevity in the industry for such a young woman speaks to her value, professionalism and capabilities in this industry. I believe she is a natural for this honor.

12 Thea Mitchum Clear Channel
Thea is an extraordinary leader with impeccable integrity. She was an awesome Operations Manager for Clear Channel Philadelphia and has transcended labels by Managing CC’s General Market Radio Cluster in DC/Baltimore.

11 Terri Avery CBS Radio Charlotte
A consummate professional and role model who continues to grow and set high standards for men and women in industry.

10 Gail King OWN network, Talk show host

9 Sybil Wilkes TJMS, Radio Talk-Show Hostess
She is always keeping us informed & tries her best to keep her co-host serious about African/American news.

8 Dyanna Williams Radio One
Dyanna Williams has been a well respected broadcaster in the Philadelphia region for 30 years. She has not only been the host of popular radio programs, she has also shared her love of communication by mentoring and coaching young musical artists. Her desire to give back also spurred her to form the International Association of African American Music to help bring recognition to the contributions of black people in the music industry. Dyanna was also instrumental in lobbying for June being designated as Black Music Month. She is an excellent candidate for the Top 30
7 Karen Vaughn WZAK 93.1 Cleveland/Star 99.7 in Charleston and The Flo 102.9 in Florence.
She brings community awareness. She talks about issues about women, children and the community as a whole. She encourages giving back and helping others. She’s a family woman and carries herself professionally and gives respect and encouragement through her work.

6 Shirley Strawberry – Steve Harvey Morning Show

5 Sylvia Rhone Motown Records CEO
Simply put Sylvia changed the game for women executives in the music business. I emphasize WOMEN not just African American Women.

4 Wendy Williams Radio/Talk Show Hostess
Because she is very funny, interesting, and intelligent. She makes sure she pleases everyone and herself at the same time
3 Soledad O’Brien TV Anchor
Soledad is always on the pulse of what is going on within the world and the Community. She is unafraid and bold to venture into the heart of the storm. She is respected and very necessary.

2 Cathy Hughes Owner Radio One
She is deserving to be in the Top 30 in that she is the first black woman to own a publicly traded radio chain providing information and entertainment to the public according to the bio presented she came from rags to riches so in that I know it wasn’t easy. It often requires a lot to hold on to the investment and to keep it going. It has to be a huge demand of one’s self and time. What an amazing achievement.

#1 Oprah Winfrey HARPO and OWN
It goes without saying… Oprah is one of the brightest stars in the world. I hope that she uses her new venture to open more doors for African Americans.

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