The Often Forgotten and Intrinsic Value of an Email Address (Corrected)


Remember email? It’s still alive and well and can be used in much more effective, safe, and valuable ways ALONG with social media.

Presently, we are so caught up in how valuable and important social media is that we have completely forgotten the greater value of an email address.

Recently, Facebook completely shut down hitting everybody by surprise at the same time. We are accustomed to DMs and going back and forth with people on Facebook and Instagram commenting on certain posts, keeping in touch, and more.

But when it comes to business and not being distracted by so many other things going on, an email address comes in handy for this and many other reasons … like these …

It allows YOU to build a database.

Even if Your social media is shut down or you could be hacked or you could be Terminated by the social media providers for whatever reason. But an email address is not affected by any of that. It is a way for you to always have access without a massive middleman as in social media.

The FB, Snapchat, and IG shutdown should have put everyone on alert that If you get shut out of shut down you could literally lose all your contacts YEARS of collecting contacts gone in a split second and all your work over the years.

I know someone who ended up having to go through that after building 500,000 followers for a special segment on Facebook, he got hacked and lost everything. He told me it sent him spiraling into a depression.

Hackers are everywhere and even kids know how to do it so your social media info (well NONE of your info) online is safe from being stolen the question is do you have a backup?

Had he had the email addresses of those people, He would’ve been able to rebuild it in no time. Now it’s gone forever.

At one time, you could download the email addresses of people on your social networks. But no more. They know EVERYTHING about you and use it to market TO you but you can’t have that same information about other people. Why? Because it’s a hugely profitable concept to sell. Email and phone numbers that’s why.

The only outlet that allows you to still download email addresses is LinkedIn And there is no telling when they will wrap that up.

But even with LinkedIn, you have to be careful when it comes to marketing to people. LinkedIn people are all about business, not about what you’re having for lunch today or what you looked like in 1985, as you cross your fingers hoping people say “Girl, you still look the same” instead of that dreaded nasty silence and no comments that assure you that you have not aged well at all. You know how people do on Facebook.

LinkedIn folks don’t care about insecurities they care about money and business. They don’t wanna be bombarded with BS and a lot of emails That don’t pertain to business. I’m not sure how they police the citation but they do.

Further, whether you know it or not, banks sell your email address and your phone number as soon as you give them to them. You actually sign off on it in those contracts that have 15 million words in the that nobody ever reads

This also happens online … Whenever you sign up for anything those “Terms of Service” statements that are 1 billion words, actually state that you are allowing them to sell your email address and your information.

I’m not telling you this like you should care I’m telling you this to let you know how valuable an email address is

It’s direct contact and a fallback system

If you try to reach somebody and you can’t get them via social media or DMs then you can use their email address to contact them along with a phone call, some people don’t have their social media activity on their phones all the time (like me) and they may PREFER creating strings in email or only using social media on their home computer laptop.

Have a personal email address besides work

Most people should already know these corporations can monitor whatever happens with your email because as long as it has their extension on it they have every right to, they own that extension. This is why it’s best to have a separate email address for your personal email address

Social media is way too distracting

An email is very easy to get in and out of without seeing something that you’re interested in and then realizing you have been on social media for more than an hour or two. Most people still have email on their phones when they opt out of having social media turned on all the time on their phones.

A lot of people don’t realize that you also sign away your rights to have your mic or your camera to be turned on anytime too. We give that away almost whenever we download a new app. If you’re OK with it that’s fine but if you want privacy that’s not so good

Email addresses are of great value to build a database where you can contact many people at one time and not worry about stipulations. That’s not to say that there are no email companies that don’t have rules but social media has a lot more rules for a company like mine. It is always important to have email addresses as a backup to social media.

Finally, you can separate email addresses by categories If you’re doing marketing promotion, as we have here which is of great value to our advertisers. You can separate email addresses by age, by interest, by city. Whatever it takes to run your business and yes you can do that on Facebook and social media too BUT you have to pay for it whenever you do it and you still only reach a limited amount of people depending on how MUCH you pay.

Having email is definitely a great backup and a great idea.

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