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Lena Waithe’s The Chi Season 3 will continue on Showtime.  It’s going down. Sans actors and series couple Jason Mitchell  (Brandon Johnson), and Tiffany Boone (Jerrika Little). This presents challenges for Season 3. Major challenges, in fact, for Waithe.  She was penning strong for the show’s love interests. Allegations of sexual harassment from Boone have led to Mitchell’s firing. At the same time, Boone made a voluntary exit from the popular Showtime series.

Fans of The Chi are Rooting For Black Love

The challenges for Season 3 of The Chi are numerous.  Waithe has to present a reasonable switch in the storyline. One that viewers can make sense of.  Something that explains the couple’s permanent absence. It won’t be an easy task.  Brandon is tied into the storyline on multiple levels.

There’s his situation with Jerrika a strong independent Black woman. Jerrika tends to lean heavily on the opinions of others. Namely, her parents and friends.  In Season 2, Jerrika struggled to balance relationships between Brandon and her bougie parents. Her “Ain’t Nothin Going on but the Rent”, sorority sisters stayed dogging him out. Her friends wanted her with a Brother who is paid in full.

You Got to Love The One You’re With

Neither Jerrika’s parents or friends were particularly supportive of the relationship. According to social media, this made a lot of viewers go harder for the couple. The Chi offers different angles of relationships. Different points of views come through with the actor’s chemistry.  The challenges for Lena Waithe and The Chi Season 3, include writing out a huge part of why some tune in.

Brandon’s Experiences Real Life Decision Making

Mitchell’s character Brandon, took fans on a roller-coaster ride in Season 2 as he coped with grief over the shooting death of his beloved little brother Coogie (Jahking Guillory).  Mitchell handled things in real-life terms. At times his shoulders visibly drooping from hurt and rage that his brother’s killer was released from prison.

All Money Ain’t Good Money, Or is It?

Accepting money and an iced-out top-of-the-line food truck, not good. Or is it? Waithe, again asks viewers to do rootwork. She makes viewers think about the intrinsic humanness we all need. Brandon wants more out of life than a 9-5. Was he wrong to accept the gifts? Viewers won’t get to see how that played out. Presenting yet another challenge for Waithe and The Chi Season 3. Waithe and Mitchell had chemistry. Her writing and vision carried out by the Mitchell’s “keep it real mentality” blended well.

Brandon Shows Growth in Season 2

Brandon is a man’s man, finding his way through trial and error. Lovers of The Chi find a sensitive side to Brandon. In a touching scene, he engages in community and Black Boi Magic. Despite not having his dad around, he offers mentorship. The recipient is fourteen-year-old Kevin, played by Alex Hibbert. Grieving the sudden loss of his father, Kevin is allowed to release grief through tears.

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

Brandon listens quietly while cutting the teens locs away.  He comes through again. Not with the “thug” swag, some want to paint on him. But, as a caring, strong, Black man. Able to put aside his personal frustrations with life and help others. It’s seen again when Brandon runs into Ronnie ( Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine). Brandon offers Ronnie forgiveness. It took him some time. After Ronnie apologizes to his face for killing Coogie, he released them both.

Waithe Gives Us Diversity In Blackness

Waithe’s writing shows the diversity in Blackness and the strength in community. It also played on perception. Brandon was a far more complex character. That isn’t a putdown to Jerrika’s character. Her future was mapped out. She came from a two-parent family. One steeped in Black Respectability Politics. So there were explicit expectations. Expectations, that Jerrika didn’t fight hard enough against. Brandon was a fighter who believed he deserved better.

 Brandon was a chef, which most women would love. Her parents choice would be that she wed a doctor or lawyer. Waithe’s ability to give characters layers is another way she makes The Chi the series to watch. The challenge for Waithe and The Season 3, is partly helping fans heal from the loss.

Fans Anxiously Waiting for The Chi Season 3  

The caveat in Withe’s writing is her ability to show the human side of people, interchanging struggle and victory. Lovers of The Chi will find out together how Waithe writes through the challenge of making The Chi Season 3 as captivating as the previous seasons.

Bring it Lena, Challenges Can’t Stop The Chi Season 3

Like fans rooted for Brandon and Jerrika, they are rooting for Waithe. The Chi Season 3 is going to be hot. Come Through, Lena!

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