Teen Music Video Gets Families Evicted from Apartment Complex


What is the world coming to? That is really a rhetorical question but feel free to answer it if you feel you are up to it.  In Orlando, FL, which is supposed to be the home Disney World, the most happiest place in the world, several families have been evicted from a federally subsidized apartment complex after a bunch of teenagers released a music video featuring guns and drugs.  Guns, drugs, evictions in the land of Disney!? I’m not that naive and I have been to Orlando several times so I know how it really is but still.According to WFTV, the complex has a no guns rule and once they recognize some of the teens from the video and found out their families were part of the complex, at least 3 families were asked to leave.  The Windsor Cove apartment complex is subsidized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and residents are not allowed to have guns on the premises.  The rap video featured young people who are a part of the group called YJB. In their music videos the group members can been seen doing the typical, “I think this sh*t makes me cool” toting guns and smoking weed type of stuff.  At least one video was shot at the Windsor Cove apartment complex where the families were evicted. Police are investigating and analyzing the videos because they also believe the guns used in the video were stolen from a nearby gun show.Windsor Cove managers are working with police to find out if any of residents were involved in the gun heist earlier this month, when police say several shirtless men stole dozens of high-powered guns from the Central Florida Fairgrounds. All of this just amounts to a sad day in the land of Disney.


  1. It was a good day, a reality day something black folks continue to chump off, this comment line cracked me up. “can been seen doing the typical, “I think this sh*t makes me cool” toting guns and smoking weed type of stuff.” that’s the type of stuff that can get you evicted from public housing, how soon we forget? also if you use guns, real guns in video’s and weed you would also have the police on your ass too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QceMbTdY_1k


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