Songs After Sandy, Major Stars Help Victims Recover



It’s been weeks since Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey communities continue the long road towards recovery. The devastating impact continues to ripple through communities, and while the outward and physical signs have largely been repaired, the hidden economic impact continues to grow as small businesses, schools and individual households struggle to overcome the financial and emotional hit. “Songs After Sandy Vol 1-3″ the charity compilation on PledgeMusic aims to sustain awareness and raise funds for community based on the ground charities including Restore Red Hook, Occupy Sandy (the “Wedding Registry”) and Green Ground Zero.

The three volume charity compilation features artists from sea to shining sea, the latest including music from Texas’ own Ray Wylie Hubbard and The Cush, the Maine based Indie Folk duo Arborea, Red Hook Brooklyn’s City Billies, Gangstagrass and Tone Johanasen (of Sunnys Bar), Australia’s Luluc, Minneapolis’ Romantica to Los Angeles’ Tom Freund. Amy Speace, Ben Arthur, Davy Knowles and Antje Duvelot also appear. This volume completes the compilation, and some very special guests will be added to this in the coming weeks. (read more click “Next”)

Ben Harper Songs After Sandy Vol 3

1 Arborea, “After The Flood Remains”

2. Amy Speace, “How to Sleep In A Stormy Boat”

3. Ben Arthur, “Empty Chest”

4. City Billies, “Shanika Brown”

5 Davy Knowles, “It’s What You Are Made Of”

6. Gangstagrass, “Quickdraw”

7. Luluc, “Little Suitcase” *

8. Ray Wylie Hubbard, “There Are Some Days”

9. Romantica, “Love In The Winter”

10. Tom Freund, “Lay Down Your Head”

11. The Cush, “Decade”

12. Tone Johanasen, “Brooklyn Paradise”

BONUS TRACK: Antje Duvekot, “Sleepy Sea of Indigo and Blue”

 – live*Tracks from Ray Wylie, Gangstagrass & City Billies will be available for streaming soon and watch for special announcements for additional tracks

* Track has been previously available for download.NEW ITEMS:

BEN HARPER: Signed poster from his recent sold out performance at Carnegie Hall

MICKEY HART: Signed drum head

RUSSELL BRAND: 2 Tickets to an upcoming taping of Russell’s show, Brand X, in Los Angeles and a Meet & Greet afterwards. (Note: Not valid for Episodes 1, 2, or 13). NOTE: This item will be sold as an auction item via Charity Buzz, click here for a link to

(read more click “Next”)

For a complete artists listing see below:

Vol 1:

Adam Arcuragi

Bob Weir & Jesse Malin

Bow Thayer

Brendan Benson

Eric Burdon

Jeff Lynne

Joan Osborne

Joe Walsh

Joseph Arthur


Kenny Wayne Shepherd featuring Buddy Flett

Matt Lenny

Ringo Starr


These United States

Toby Lightman

Vol 2:

Alexis P Suter


Benjamin Cartel

Billy Squier

Dave Stewart

David Rat

Dawn Landes

Earl Greyhound

Eli Lieb


Kira Alejandro

Patterson Hood

Paul McCartney

Slim Kings


Vol 3:


Amy Speace

Antje Duvekot

Ben Arthur

City Billies

Davy Knowles



Ray Wylie Hubbard


Tom Freund

The Cush

Tone Johanasen


Amanda Palmer

Ben Folds Five

Ben Harper

Edgar Winter

Greg Lake

Mickey Hart

Ringo Starr

Roger Hodgson

Russell Brand




Fort Defiance



ABOREA — We got intense wind and rain up here in Maine during Hurricane Sandy, but nothing like what happened to New York City and the Jersey Shore, where Sandy first hit land. We have (read more click “Next”)

many close friends that live in New York City and several who live on the Jersey Shore, and we also perform quite regularly in NYC, so when we were asked to participate in this benefit, we didn’t hesitate and this new song came together incredibly fast. When disaster and hardship strikes the Spirit of Community…Sympathy, and Love that manifests is a powerful thing to behold.

The song After the Flood, Only Love Remains is a combination of reflecting on the storm and the heroic nature of the people who have come together to help their neighbors. This song is also symbolic of some personal hardships that Shanti and I have endured together this past year…so all these elements came together at the right time and the improvised tracks for the song were quickly recorded. We feel so connected to the song that we’ve recorded additional parts and we’ll be releasing it on the new Arborea album due out later this Spring.

~Buck and Shanti (Arborea)

ALEXIS P SUTER: “Being a Brooklyn native this project holds a very special place in my heart. I recorded my very first full length CD at Hipbone Records in Red Hook and many others. I created and met so many artists there that created and were electrified by the energy of Red Hook. I am blessed and honored to be a part of something that contributes to the healing and re-building of this great neighborhood! Red Hook, never let the thorn deny you the smell of the rose!”

AMANDA PALMER: After Sandy hit, my heart soared with YES as I watched my inbox flooding with pictures of people helping people: neighbors running power strips to their outside fences with little signs saying “WE HAVE POWER! COME HERE AND CHARGE YOUR PHONE!” It may sound small, but this one little image was so perfect….New Yorkers are a special breed. To everybody dealing with the big and little struggles in the storm aftermath: stay strong.

-Amanda Palmer was born in New York City

BOW THAYER: “A year ago Hurricane Irene devastated our little town in rural Vermont, were I reside, the effects are still being felt today. This time it was Sandy”¦. more people, more destruction including Red Hook, Brooklyn. When Irene hit I saw the toughness, compassion and resilience of my neighbors, Red Hook will undoubtedly see the same in Sandy’s aftermath. Our Mother Nature has always had much to say”¦. we don’t always listen, but we should and very closely.

My heart goes out to all the people who have to pick up the pieces in the wake of Sandy. My mind does not work in scientific ways but this song “The Tide” was written in hopes of awakening ourselves to man-made/natural catastrophe, which very well could be one in the same.”

EARL GREYHOUND: “We’re proud to be a part of Brooklyn’s creative community and it’s an honor to be among such great artists helping the relief effort. Red Hook holds special significance for us as some of our best shows early on were at the The Hook, and much of our first record was recorded down the road.”

DAVE STEWART: “I have so many friends and workmates still struggling with the aftermath of Sandy , I’ve seen their photos and heard their stories and it’s heartbreaking I chose to donate my song “Just A Matter of Time” as it has a chorus affirming that time will heal but the verses resonate with the loss that has occurred in every way to the victims of Sandy both personally and as whole communities.

ELI LIEB: “I spend so much time in New York and I have countless friends there. It’s been devastating to hear from the vicitms of Sandy and what they lost. New York really is a home to me and I’m honored to take part in this effort to re-build.”

ERIC BURDON: “It has been proven by many mega disasters over the past few years that global warming is a fact and not a theory!

I wrote much of my new record, “Til the River Runs Dry,” heartbroken, in response to Hurricane Katrina, which devastated my beloved New Orleans.

Now, New York, too, has experienced Mother Nature’s wrath.

The imbalance of water, too much or too little, is the number one issue of our time.

When Mother Nature speaks, she speaks with one voice, for rich and poor, old and young, hip and square, regardless of race.

We can’t ignore the signs of her fatigue and anger any longer.

It’s time for all of us to get the message, that we are out of step with Nature and we must adapt – or perish.

This recording of the traditional “Tishomingo Blues” is my offering, to assist those who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. Please, enjoy it – and listen carefully, your Mother is speaking.

We have to stop polluting the oceans. We have to stop destroying this planet.

We must force ourselves to rethink the way we live and redesign our lives. It is our responsibility to the children of tomorrow”.

JEFF LYNNE: “This is a brand new electric version of “˜Save Me Now’, a song I wrote 22 years ago about this very subject–global warming and the need to listen and be kind to our planet. I wanted to contribute to “Songs After Sandy” because I feel terrible about what happened, and my heart goes out to all of the people still stuck in it and trying to work through it.”

JOAN OSBORNE: “I live very close to Red Hook and I love it. It’s a place that’s unique in Brooklyn with its enormous sky, crazy mix of buildings and rambling waterfront. As the storm headed to NYC everyone feared that what makes Red Hook great is also what makes it vulnerable. It was hit very hard, and people are still suffering there, but the community’s bond is strong. I’m so happy to be part of the effort to get my neighbors back on their feet.”


Red hook,

Refuge from the hustle,

For those of us that want to (read more click “Next”)

get away,

but not be gone.

It’s our world within a world.

I can be in the LES within 20 minutes on my bike.

Who needs a train when you got the water?

The beautiful water,

which raged and tore thru our little town in the center of the world.

We must rebuild and restore the historical soul of Brooklyn,

which keeps NYC alive with the character of angels who look like thieves,

who keep the dream of the city alive,

from the other side of the bridge.

Red hook, the rebel rainbow will rise again.

Please help us restore our town.

Red Hook

The righteous

Red Hook

The calm

Red Hook

The fury

The place we belong.

Red Hook

My home

Red Hook


Red Hook

The place

Where my soul is alive.

Red Hook

I love you

Red Hook

Stay strong

We’re singing for you

A battle scar song KAISER CARTEL: “When I moved to Red Hook, all of my city friends thought I was nuts. I could feel how amazing the neighborhood was right away. I lived there for 11 years, and I said that if I ever left Red Hook, I would move out of NY all together…After a job offer I couldn’t refuse, I am now in Interlochen, Michigan, but my heart will forever be there.” Courtney Kaiser of Kaiser Cartel”Kaiser Cartel was born in Red Hook. Almost all of the songs on our albums March Forth and Secret Transit, were written in Red Hook.

The cover art of our first album March Forth was shot at our Red Hook apartment. Red Hook will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We have since moved away from our home base in the ‘Hook, but still keep in touch with our good friends back in the neighborhood. Many have been hit hard by hurricane Sandy. We’re happy to contribute to the relief effort.” Benjamin Cartel of Kaiser Cartel

PAUL McCARTNEY: “I am happy to donate “˜I’ve Got A Feeling’ towards this relief project. In the wake of the devaRadio Station it is good to know that so many people are getting together to provide relief for those whom have suffered most.”

RINGO STARR: “I want to thank everyone for what they are doing this is how Peace & Love works. Well done Green Ground Zero, Occupy Sandy & Restore Red Hook. Peace & Love, Ringo”

ROGER HODGSON: “I applaud all the ways that people are coming together to ‘give a little bit’ to help those whose lives have been turned upside down by Hurricane Sandy. Tragedy brings out the true heart of a people and I’m proud to see so much care pouring forth in so many different ways. I am glad to offer these concert tickets and backstage experience to raise funds for Red Hook and other communities.”

SMITTY (Red Hook’s own): “Honored and privileged to be a part of this needed project. To help bring back my neighborhood and others decimated by “Sandy”. Red Hook is my home. My home is my place of solace. My friends are all my neighbors. Godspeed. Smitty”

THESE UNITED STATES/JESSE ELLIOTT: “I was holed up with friends in Brooklyn when Sandy arrived, and 4 days later walking through a pitch-black East Village at dawn to catch a bus to the airport. For the next two weeks, I watched the headlines from halfway around the world, wishing there was something I could do for the friend who’s recording studio got destroyed by the Gowanus canal, the friends and businesses who mean so much to Van Brunt street, and all the friends and strangers who were still in the dark all over the city and along the whole eastern seaboard.

I only wish I had some sandbags to offer with this song — though with forces like these, there’s not a lot we can control anyway. I guess we just have to remain humbled and give each other the few minutes at a time of solace and solidarity that make it all worthwhile.”

TONE JOHANSEN: I wrote the song “Brooklyn Paradise” about Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook, Brooklyn that I have called home for 15 years now. We got hit pretty bad by Sandy. But as long as there is saltwater in my veins and fire in my heart, I will stay put in my favorite corner on the map.

About Green Ground Zero: GGZ is a non-profit focused on advancing the dialogue of green design, coastal resiliency, habitat restoration and sustainable development for rethinking and re-imagining a better world. Through a network of green builders and experts, GGZ connects people with knowledge in community-based design, design-build, and sustainability with people in need to rebuild after natural and man-made disasters. The organization provides education opportunities for students, community members, designers and others to explore sustainability and green building.

Founded in 2002 to advocate for Lower Manhattan to be rebuilt with sustainability, GGZ has grown into an international organization working to rebuild disaster areas and restore ecosystems.

About Restore Red Hook: Restore Red Hook aims to raise funds to help the small businesses of Red Hook, Brooklyn reopen their doors as soon as possible after the devaRadio Station of Hurricane Sandy. From the restaurants, bars, and vintage shops to the corner bodegas, these businesses define and serve our community. We need help from inside and outside Red Hook to help rebuild our neighborhood for business owners, residents, and everyone else who loves our little seaside town.

Getting through this time of devaRadio Station is going to require a great deal of outside assistance. The damage to many of our businesses is severe, and few business owners have hope that fiscal help is on the way (FEMA primarily helps homeowners, and flood insurance is virtually unavailable in this neighborhood). As we continue to canvas the neighborhood, the list of businesses we hope to serve will become more clear.

We want to make sure the integrity of the fund is well structured, and able to flex with the needs of the community. An advisory board, comprised of third party members, is being established to ensure funds are disbursed responsibly. Our 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor is the Fund for the City of New York, a longstanding New York institution.

About Red Hook Initiative: In 2002 the Red Hook Health Initiative began as a program of a local hospital, in response to the severity of health and social issues in Red Hook. Over the last decade we have developed into a well-regarded community-based institution. In 2006 we formed the Red Hook Initiative (RHI), an independent 501(c)3, in order to expand our scope to better meet community needs.

In February 2010, RHI moved into a brand new community center. It is a green building, representing our commitment to social justice and sustainability. This year, 2012, RHI is celebrating our 10th Anniversary and is moving forward with a renewed commitment to the people and community of Red Hook.

About Occupy Sandy: Occupy Sandy, an off-shoot of Occupy Wall Street, has been a leader in spreading the word about local volunteer and donation efforts online, and thereby spurring real, tangible responses. The group’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have posted up-to-date information about exactly what is needed and where. And while the Red Cross doesn’t take donations of individual household items and certain bare necessities, these very same needs have become Occupy Sandy’s primary focus.

Sample Occupy Sandy Tweets: “Red Hook Initiative needs bowls and paper plates for food”; “Sunset Park Volunteer Hub needs Ham Radios and Operators or VHF Marine Radios”; “If you have a car or truck and want to help transport donated goods & volunteers, link in by texting ‘@osdrivers’ to 23559.”

Occupy Sandy’s #Medics hashtag on Twitter found doctors for their hubs in Brooklyn and Queens. Hot meals are being prepared every day and night, with volunteers setting up makeshift food kitchens in the Rockaways, Coney Island and Sunset Park. And the network has even set up a wedding registry, via Amazon, so anyone who wants to send blankets, flashlights, dry goods, mini-fridges, batteries and toiletries from anywhere in the United States or around the world can easily do so. “Songs For Sandy” will contribute funds to get specific items on this Wedding Registry.


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