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Tyler Perry Lays Hands on TD Jakes with Convincing Testimony

As most of you know I don't believe in the black church or religion but I know when a higher power or God is present in someone and I'm convinced from this video that tyler perry is being moved by something greater than himself mostly because I could feel it.

Pastor Joel Osteen Reveals How Peace Gives Us Power on Oprah’s Lifeclass

When you're at peace, Pastor Joel Osteen says, you're in a position of power. Watch as Pastor Osteen counsels Saul"”an audience member, who,...

Despite Hardships, Black Men in Urban Communities Are Resilient, Researcher Says

Black men, especially those living in low-income, Black areas, face many societal stressors, including racial discrimination, incarceration and poverty. In addition, these men have...

SURPRISE! Glenn Beck’s Dark Past included Mental Illness and Thoughts of Suicide

Radio Facts: Before CPAC tapped him for its keynote address, the Fox host's history was riddled with drugs and mental illness.  John Avlon—author of Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe Is Hijacking America, available now from Beast Books—on how Beck became the Pied Piper of the right for the angry and disenfranchised. The most anticipated speech at CPAC this year isn’t

Inspirational Words from Tyler Perry – Sometimes It’s Best to Be Hidden

I think the things that Tyler says during these vignettes are inspirational and important. I admire the fact that he has taken to...

D.L. Hughley: Nothing Get’s People Going Like Talking About Religion!

People in the religious spear are very loud about things that don’t matter, and not loud about things that do.On the DL Hugley Radio Show #GEDSecton, D.L.