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GUEST POST: Don Lemon and Russell Simmons’ Points Neglect the Untold Truths

As Radio Facts opens the doors for more great dialogue and thought-provoking content, I was bowled over by the extreme writing talent of someone who responded to a post that I sent to Don Lemon concerning Russell Simmons' response to the growing debate of Don's airing the Black community's 'dirty laundry' about the plight of black men on national TV,  something our community despises. The writer, Roosevelt Arje Jackson, makes some impressive points aforementioned Don and Russell's debate with the added bonus of the often ignored and integral ROOT of why we are where we are.

Are Black Male Celebrities Being Unfairly Targeted by Gay Organizations?

 Cleo Manago   Outs GLAAD As "Blackophobic" and Questions Whether GLAAD   Has the Credibility to Bring Down a Litany of Black MenMango is an unlikely candidate to state gay organizations ARE targeting black straight men.