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Ice Cube Tells Ryan Cameron Joe Biden Has Agreed to Meet with Him

In 2020 Ice Cube was going hard with his Contract With Black America

DL Hughley Stands by Biden and Harris While Highlighting Ice Cube’s Cynicism

Politics, or should I say politricks brings out the division in us more often than bringing us together. After taking a few shots from some of his followers for his comments about Ice Cube, DL Hughley stands by his position to support the Biden/Harris campaign. He questions Trumps promises that have not been delivered and he also highlights the cynicism of Ice Cube, Dr. Boyce Watkins and others. More than anything he DL Hughley says he is standing with Kamala Harris and Black women. Check out the clip.

Dr. Boyce Watkins and Ice Cube Talk America Paying Up or Black People Not...

Ice Cube's contract with Black America is gaining some momentum. Dr. Boyce Watkins had a virtual sit down with the legend Ice Cube to talk about challenging politicians, Black men being left behind in America, closing the wealth gap, and using our leverage to get what we want from Biden or Trump. The two talk about Democrats taking Black people for granted and Republicans not paying attention to Black people at all.

Ice Cube Says We Should Be Skeptical of Anyone Asking Us to Vote Without...

We have posted quite a bit of Ice Cube videos as of late because he continues to challenge the political norms of the season. Ice Cube released a video titled "Voting for Nothing Makes No Sense. They Don't Want Your Vote. They Need Your Vote" demanding politicians sign the Contract with Black America before they get the support of the Black vote:There are actual rumors that the Biden campaign is ready to meet with O'Shea Jackson about his Contract with Black America. Now, that would be interesting.