The Pain and Gain from Loss


I previously wrote a tribute to Jamillah Muhammad and her untimely death that knocked me for a loop. She was very instrumental in helping me get my podcasts off the ground before podcasts were what they are today.

I saw the wave coming and asked her to hang in there with me until the industry believed in podcasts … and she did. 

Her passing stung me in a way few other deaths in the industry have before. 

After she died I made a decision to make some major changes with the business.

I had not been happy with Radio Facts for years and it was no longer fun doing it. So I shifted everything where everybody wins and have never felt better.

To that end, great things started happening in the process of letting go. 

I will say Radio Facts taught me. some very valuable lessons about loss over the years and that there is always something that benefits us in our greatest sorrow and that is the following five things I’d like to share with you today.


There’s no way around it we will all leave this earth one day but we, for the most part, don’t know when. So we must make the most of life while we are living.

So, what do we do in the meantime? Stop complaining, and waiting for the universe to give us what we can readily walk up and get.

If we truly knew how limited our time is we would live very differently 


We come to understand quickly that death is inevitable and say things like “It’s getting closer to home” or What happened to them,? to see if it’s something we need to be concerned about ourselves.

We still hear their voices and feel their presence taking up space in the room but we also know they are gone for good and who we once knew is gone forever.

They take a piece of us with them for the history we have with them and that’s a hard pill to swallow.


People are really good at masking pain and trauma.

You truly never do know what someone is dealing with or going through so as we get older we come to understand the need to be more compassionate when someone goes off or they are depressed or isolated.

When we are younger we think the attacks are always about us, but we soon realized when we are older, it’s always about them.


Having said the foregoing we realize we should check up on each other every now and then.

In our business it is hard, it’s a lifestyle business where we have to stay strong, have great energy, and be motivated as a constant and we don’t want anything to break that cycle because it’s something that we still have to do.

If you can’t call, send an email at least “Hey, just checking in.” I can tell you from the years of doing the old Radio Facts … people really do appreciate that.

The High Price of Time

Clocks keep ticking and progressing and they never go back unless they are broken and even then they are out of sync with the rest of the world.

Please live your best life and surround yourself with the best energy, good things, and positive and uplifting people.

Good things happen to us when we care about others. Understand the clock is ticking. Make the most out of the time you have left just know it’s not guaranteed or promised but it can be fullfilling.


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