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Music and Radio Industry Advice that’s No Longer Valid

The music and radio industry once had a standard set of rules that everyone who wanted to be successful followed. Since the industry's drastic change around 2001 there was an overhaul of the people who worked in the industry as well as the rules.

David Banner speaks about the Music Industry, Gatorade Commercial and his successful industry company Banner Vision

David Banner is brilliant. I had the great opportunity to sut and talked to him at length in a Chinese restaurant some time ago while we waited for our food. I'm not surprised by his success and his honesty in this video is second to none.

Former Detroit Radio DJ Reggie Reg Davis Segues to the Political Arena

KUDOS to the radio pros that use their leverage in radio to climb greater mountains. Reggie Reg Davis is one of those amazing people.Originally posted Feb 2, 2016We have seen many comedians do it by coming into our arena and taking over but we have one skill that they don't have. We are trained and EXCELLENT communicators.

Cardi B Talks Immigration, Police Brutality and More with Bernie Sanders

Cardi B had a sitdown with presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders to discuss where they both stand on issues facing America today.In an 11-minute video, the two sat at the TEN nail bar in Detroit (a fitting setting for Cardi who loves getting her nails done). Though the idea of Cardi and Senator Sanders having a talk may seem

Radio Facts August Independent Banner Sale

Introductory Offer for Radio Facts Independent Banner ad for One WeekFor the month of August ONLY Ad runs for one week. Your ad will rotate on all the posts One link included Cost is $400.00 Send art, text (impact date, name of song and artist) Send link.

Bob Johnson Says Blacks Should Have No Permanent Friends or Enemies When it Comes to Politics

How should Black American voters respond to the tectonic political rift and the stress of a permanently divided Nation that the election of Donald J.

Soledad O'Brien Teams Up with Hearst Television for Weekly Show

Hearst Television has partnered with journalist and producer Soledad O'Brien for its acclaimed political magazine program, "Matter of Fact." The groundbreaking syndicated show, now a "firm go" for a second season, will expand on its commitment to engage in a more inclusive dialogue with decision makers from community leaders to heads of state who are shaping

ASPiRE’s New “Exhale” Talk Show – Premieres Thursday, June 27th

ASPiRE announces the world premiere of its first original weekly talk series, "exhale" (@exhaleTV).

Move Over Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden wants his Book Platform BACK!

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