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Radio Facts Review: Power XL Air Fryer Review

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By now I'm sure you have either seen the commercials or heard from other people about the  Power XL Air Fryer. I had heard about it for a long time before I finally decided to buy one and at this point, I swear by it. This device air fries everything from chicken wings to steaks removing up to 80% of the fat with absolutely NO compromise on the taste. I haven't tried bacon in it but I hear it can be a challenge but the benefit is you can turn it on and leave. As busy industry people, our time is not only valuable it's limited. It's quick and easy and there's not a lot of cleanups but I would suggest not letting it sit too long after you use it and immediately filling it up with water. As it cools off it gets a bit harder to clean.

I would STRONGLY suggest getting the Power XL Air Fryer 5 qt bigger model (click on the image) which can cook an entire chicken while you watch TV. Set it and go and make your lunch for the week if you're single or dinner for the family tonight. I would not promote anything I don't believe in on Radio Facts but this one is a keeper and I KNOW you will thank me for giving you this tip sooner than later. Let me know how you like it. For more information click the image below or BUY THE POWER XL AIRA FRYER ON AMAZON.

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