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Tamar Braxton Hangs out at KRNB


Digital and Radio Facts: Tamar Braxton Hangs out at KRNBAnother share from Smooth R&B, 105.7 (picture attached – caption below)“SHE” has arrived – Tamar Braxton performed last night in Dallas to a sold-out crowd of at HOB thrilling Tamar-tians with Love and War, The One, Hot Sugar & All the Way Home. Even hubby Vince had a walk on part in a show that featured dancers, video from “Tamar & Vince” & encouragement from SheAin’tTony-dot-com for her fans to GET YOUR LIFE! Pictured: KRNB’s 1st Lady of Mid-Day KJ & Tamar Braxton. See more pics @ www.KRNB.comThanks for the sharing & showing more LOVE!

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