Radio Facts: Even my father, who is clueless about the internet, asked me to show him how to find streaming coverage of the inauguration. For my father to 1) attempt to use the web and 2) pay attention to anything political then I know the country is going through a transition.

If my dad has trouble getting “the damn labtop to work” then he could just listen to the whole thing on NPR. The festivities start today….

NPR will be the only radio broadcaster of Å“We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at The Lincoln Memorial,  the opening celebration for the 56th Presidential Inaugural, live on Sunday, January 18. The event, which is free and open to the public, will be offered by NPR to public radio stations nationwide, and be available as a simultaneous stream at the Web sites of many stations. NPRâ„¢s special will air from 2:00-5:00PM (ET), with the official celebration scheduled to begin live at 2:30PM (ET). For information about the broadcast and updates about local stations airing Å“We Are One,  visit:

This seems to be quite a steal for NPR, considering EVERYONE is interested in this inauguration celebration.

I can't wait for the phone call from the old man when he tries to find NPR on the radi Â  NPR to be only radio broadcaster of ‘WE ARE ONE: THE OBAMA INAUGURAL CELEBRATION AT THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL.'.

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