“My Sweet Valentine Just Passed Away”: Tyrese Gibson’s Mother Passes Away From Pneumonia and COVID-19


Actor and musician Tyrese Gibson’s mother Priscilla Murray, has passed away from complications with COVID-19 and pneumonia. 

The “Lately” singer and “Fast & Furious” star took to Instagram to share the news with his followers.

“On behalf of my family and everyone who ever spent any time praying for my mother This is the saddest moment of my life………. My sweet Valentine just passed away…,” he wrote in a caption of a video of him holding his mother’s hand. 

Tyrese continued, “May the Lord Jesus Christ and his angels open the doors of heaven and embrace her……. We as a family are broken and just can’t believe this……. May the Lord Jesus Christ honor your walk and embrace you into the heavens.”

His mother was admitted to the hospital in early February, and Gibson shared the news soon after on Instagram. He stated that he was in the middle of filming when he found out the news about his mother’s hospitalization. 

Gibson has shared news concerning his mother’s conditions with his followers on Instagram for the last two weeks. On Feb. 5 he wrote, “My mother is in a coma, in ICU, with Pneumonia and she caught Covid they got her so sedated she can’t breathe or even eat on her own. This has been going on all week I haven’t posted [I’m doing it this time cause I feel helpless this is my cry for help.”] 

A few days ago, Kenny G performed “Forever In Love” for Gibson’s mother through an Instagram Live session. “If you know what I know about music you will know that God has used @kennyg for he has no language barrier has no race has no tax bracket…” He said honoring Kenny G in an Instagram post. 

Tyrese is the youngest of his mother Priscilla Murray’s four children.

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