Radio Facts: We got a letter from Katt Williams’ attorney in Los Angeles today stating that the comic has NOT filed for bankruptcy. As our sources are generally pretty good we made an error in judgment on this occasion. As we originally listed in the story our source was the Humor Mill Magazine.

We regret any harm this may have caused to Katt William’s interesting reputation.

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  2. I am a big fan of Katt Williams, he is a funny mulit talented African American and it’s sad that like so many of our people in the business lies are being spread. I mean so what if he filed for bankruptcy, I mean come on were in a recession and things are hard. The average African American Rapper, Movie Star, Comedians Athletics etc come from the humble beginnings and the first thing they do is buy cars and more cars, and houses with bowling alleys and movie theater, night clubs in the home and of course the famous bling bling, most can’t count money the ones that might of dabbled in “Street hustling” know how sort and count money to a point, they don’t invest in Stock or other things where there money brings in a return so a lot of them do end up broke or bankrupt, hire laywers that can be trusted know where your money is going each penny.


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