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Industry’s POWER Play List, Women of Color in Media Update

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We’re proud to announce that we have already begun work on the “Radio Facts Power Play List in Media” Magazine, which will spotlight and honor some of the biggest success stories of 2017 in Records, Podcasting, Streaming, Radio, Film, TV, and the people behind the stories. Look for this POWER-FULL issue on your desk in mid-December. We are looking for great writers to contribute.


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We were caught off guard by the success of this year’s Women of Color in Media magazine. A few delays have postponed our release date until September 15. This year we name a Media Legend of the Year and an Industry Icon. After printing an additional 2000 issues, we have also run out of issues to mail. If you don’t get one in the mail you will be able to see it online Sept 21, 2017. Thanks to all the amazing ladies that participated in this year’s amazing issue.

Industry POWER Play List, Women of Color in Media Update, Women of Color in Media magazine 2017,

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