EMASCULATION PROCLOMATION: New Record Exec Jim Jones Cusses out Hotel Clerk/Credit Card Declined (laugh)…(vid)


Radio Facts: Lesson for new record executives like Jim Jones who has been appointed to a VP position at Koch… Have one of the 300 dudes you travel with get on the phone and check your credit card status before you try to check into a hotel…. Don’t go off and cuss out the clerk and call him a slew of names cause YOUR credit is fooked up. Cuss out your boy who didn’t check the sh… before you left the house. Jim is basically embarrassed (laugh) but the sh… happens to the best of us sometimes. In addition, did Koch provide Jim with a working credit card or was this his own credit. I have to GIVE credit to the dudes who he went off on they were basically laughing at Jim make a fooking fool of himself.


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