LET IT GO Eddie Long… LET IT GO!


First off allow me to say sexual harassment or sex against one’s better judgement is not funny and it’s a serious situation. I’m absolutely not poking fun at that but I am poking fun at the hypocrisy of it all. I really could not watch Eddie Long hang himself in that interview on Steve Harvey. I saw the clips and didn’t need to see any more. I just don’t believe him but that doesn’t mean he’s not lying telling the truth against the five men who say he is guilty. I’m not sure if even more dudes started to come forward but it appears Long wanted to shut this situation down ASAP (see clip). 
The main thing is Long was extremely anti-gay. How many times do you see this play out with politicians, lawmakers, other preachers or perhaps someone you know personally. I never understood people hiding behind scripture to condemn someone for something that they themselves are guilty of. Perhaps it’s their way of punishing themselves by watching others suffer. I don’t know but it’s pretty sick. Just note that anyone who is concerned about someone else’s sex life or love life is telling you more about themselves than their target.  How much do YOU care about who the old lady up the street is sleeping with, unless…. you’re interested in her.
Do what makes you and whoever you are with happy. No matter what walk of life you come from live and be true to you and never let someone else define YOUR life, they have their own crosses to bear. For those of you who read the site you know I have a dark sense of humor. I’m not apologizing for it just warning you. I’m always a champion of the underdog. Your thoughts on this? Feel free to comment. 
So Eddie Long was on steve harvey yesterday to discuss his new book “Eddie Long: The Untold Story” about the allegations when the four young men accused him of luring them into sex against their better judgement. The young men stated that in some cases Long approached their single mothers about taking them on lavish trips overseas and the mothers trusted Long thinking it would be a good experience for their sons but if Long had asked THEM to go wouldn’t they have gotten the message?
Long settled the cases out of court but I always wondered if the insurance company was the one to settle with the church’ insurance? Many churches are required, according to a friend that works for a huge church, to have separate policies in case they advise someone wrongfully like “God said, Quit your job and wait for your destiny in the homeless shelter.”  (That’s an example of my dark humor, don’t judge me)

I Can’t Say? Well, Can You Nod?

Steve asked Eddie if he had sex with the young men and Eddie replied he can’t answer the question legally? What? I am miffed at how saying yes or no to a question about sex is legally binding but Steve’s next question should have been “Have you ever had sex with a young man that’s not involved in this case from your church.” If you didn’t do it, would you not have found SOME kind of way to say NO? Did the clause include no sign language or backflips?  So far it seems like there is no need to buy the book as the story remains “Untold.”

How do you write a book about allegations that you can’t discuss?

Eddie appears to be trying to save his church and to rebuild his reputation? The court of public opinion has made it’s verdict when he settled out of court. This happened six years ago.. LET IT GO Eddie, LET IT GO.

But My Hurt is Different!

Eddie describes the pain of being ostracized, ridiculed and even feeling suicidal about the allegations.  There had been rumors about Long for years as he stood in the pulpit with wigs and muscle shirts during his sermons. Was going against gay people his way of squashing the longstanding rumors about himself? How many gay people were ostracized, ridiculed, felt or actually DID commit suicide based on Long’s preaching against them in his church all those years to them and their families?  This is hypocrisy in its worst form and a lesson to churchgoers. Watch who you honor or hold in high regard and you better have your OWN relationship with your higher power. He’s marching against gays in this pic in Atlanta.

Eddie marching against gays with Bernie…… ce, King

Middle-Aged Married But Still Looking…

He sent the dudes pics of himself posing in the mirror like a dating site ad. Are these the kinds of pictures that say “Come to Sunday Service for the Lord’s blessins” or “We can funk until the Dawn”

Did Vanessa Stay to Keep the Church Open?

Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010, at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church near Atlanta. Bishop Eddie Long, the famed pastor of a Georgia megachurch said Sunday that he will fight allegations that he lured young men into sexual relationships, stressing that he'd be back to lead the church the next week (AP Photo/John Amis, Pool)
Not the best actress: If a picture is worth a thousand words, I would bank on the first five ‘I can’t do this sh’ Is this the look of a woman who believes those dudes lied or the dude with the wig is not being honest? 

You gotta really feel for Long’s wife. Interesting that she is not on the tour with him. It would certainly give his book more credibility. Well OK it wouldn’t but it would be interesting to see how well she too can’t act… and the winner is!

The Accusers Looked for More Evidence

Remember when a couple of the guys were arrested after a break in a couple of months before the allegations were made and police were baffeld because they left money and jewelry but only stole electronic equipment like iPads? Then when Long discovered who the thieves were he dropped the charges against Boyd? (see here)  These dudes were not looking for money, there were looking for the digital evidence. Perhaps there were romantic or explicit pictures from some of excursions but they were looking for something. I’m not sure about you but I had a hard time believing the one in the middle. There is a pattern with the other four but he looks more like their big sister Candice who saw an opportunity and jumped on board. But who am I to say..
At the end of the day, Eddie is opening a can of worms that are going to turn into church whoop ass. If that book sells more than 30 copies I’d be surprised. I am willing to bet this is all about saving the church which friends in Atlanta tell me has lost a huge segment of the membership. I’m surprised the gay people in Atlanta didn’t shut him down after the allegations. Not sure what Long is trying to do, if it’s to convince the pubic of his innocence, good luck. There are times when you just have to reinvent yourself and let things go. This is one of those cases. BTW Steve Harvey is getting much better as a communicator. He is obviously working with someone and they are doing a good job. He was pretty good in this interview and while some people say he wasn’t as qualified as a journalist, I think he was the perfect candidate because of his appeal and ability to reach a certain segment of the black population. Most notably the kinds of black people who go to church.


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