Ebro in the Morning Discusses Beyonce Being an Ableist (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning discussed whether Beyoncé is an ableist. Beyoncé has had to remove a lyric from her song “Heated” on her “Renaissance” album because disability advocate groups labeled her as an ableist for the term “spaz.”

    Laura Stylez said the artist Lizzo went through the same thing. People with spasms, such as Parkinson’s disease, may be offended by using the word. Ebro said he is not that emotionally tied to the word, and anyone upset about removing the word, he asks, “that’s the hill you’re dying on.”

    There is an organization out there that is dealing with issues, and they have representation. When an organization has representation, it will work hard for its clients, said Ebro.

    “If you think you’re too good to change your vocabulary because the word isn’t offensive to you, does that make you an ableist?” asked Ebro.

    Rosenberg said he does not know what type of person constitutes as an ableist. He wondered if it meant a person who is disabled or if it refers to a person who looks down on those with disabilities.

    Ebro said it would not take much effort for Beyoncé to fix the issue with the lyric in her song. It simply means re-recording the lyric and then re-uploading it. The ordeal will only take a day or two because she probably has a studio and a microphone in her house.

    Ebro also wondered if Beyoncé was getting in on working on the production side of music. He asked if she was “cooking up beats and samples and bringing it to other producers to finish it.”

    Rosenberg said that it was a nice story, and it could be true.

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