Author of Religious Right Exposé Available for Interviews


Author of Religious Right Exposé Available for Interviews Denver, CO, December 23, 2012 –(– Ms. A.F. Alexander was an insider who left the Religious Right fold and lays bare their agenda in her exposé, Religious Right: The Greatest Threat to Democracy published through Blazing Sword Publishing Ltd. She provides a rare perspective and shares why they believe they are mandated to have dominion over every aspect of life in the United States. The author also exposes how their vision for America is not a democracy at all. She has already been featured on several radio shows and is available for more.

If you are looking for guests to discuss current events and the Religious Right's influence on politics or the culture, this is the author you are seeking. She excels at explaining the headlines in a clear and conversational manner. From the Religious Right's impact on the Tea Party and Republican Party, to their aversion to science and birth control, Ms. Alexander brings a unique view to the topic.

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