10 Questions about the “Appropriation” of Hip-Hop


https://www.dreamstime.com/-image22108925We got these questions a couple of months ago when the topic was much hotter but I thought this would be a better time to post it. I get what the writer is asking and while I THINK I may have some answers to some of the questions, I thought it would be better to hear from the industry and beyond in comments if possible. I had to tweak few of the writer’s statements to make them all questions.Mr. Ross, I greatly enjoy reading Radio Facts and I see that you do a lot of Top 10s. I was wondering if you could post this on Radio Facts . I work in the music industry and I want to remain anonymous.Anonymous Music Industry Pro. Hit NEXT for the next question.

Is the Appropriation of black hip-hop music culture stolen from black people or GIVEN away?


Why are people mad at T.I. and Dr Dre. Aren’t they Businessmen dealing with supply and demand? Why can’t they get the highest returns on their investments?


Considering Hip Hop has been dominated by black culture for decades, why wouldn’t a white hip-hop music artist be considered an artist that has an appreciation for the genre instead of a thief?


Don’t white kids buy more hip-hop music than anybody else?


How many of the black artists who complain about white rappers taking over hip-hop music hire black attorneys, black managers, black accountants, black agents, wear black designer clothes, buy their luxury cars and jewelry from black dealers or their multi-million dollar homes from black realtors?


Why aren’t any of the people who complain present for black causes like Ferguson?


Why should white rappers feel guilty for being successful?


What can artists and fans do besides complain about the situation?


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