Will.i.am Says The Music Industry is Dead (video)


Here we go again with another artist proclaiming that the music industry is dead. Nas said, “Hip-Hop” was dead some time ago but now Will.i.am, in an interview where he also talks about embracing technology, states vehemently that the music industry is absolutely dead. We have tackled this issue from several fronts but now the pop icon gives his honest opinion on the industry.He breaks it down in the sense of being an artist signed to a major label. He says, “…your contract if you are signed to a major label is based on records. There are no more record stores and they are not pressing up records. Matter of fact they ain’t even making record players, they are not pressing up CD’s, matter of fact CD’s aren’t even in laptops anymore…”Peep the video below to see what else the member of the multiplatinum group, The Black Eyed Peas had to say about the death of the music industry. Do yo agree with him? Originally posted August 6, 2014https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zukfQX4cRpg

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  1. I agree 100 percent with Will. I. Am and others who have come to the realization that the record business as we I know it is dysfunctional and dad. For years record sales have been Niemiec fot a lot of reasons people are just not buying records and CDs the way they used to, record stores have disappeared because of the lack of sales. The radio business as we know it is dead the ownership mindset is all about making money not about the people that work for the radio stations or promoting music. Many years ago there was a relationship between radio and records, that relationship is broken. in fact that was a divorce but neither party in the relationships signed the decree. When was the last time you heard a disc jockey on the air really pumping up a new song? With all the new technology like mp3 players, tablets, cell phones and the Internet there’s a whole new playing field. The record companies shot themselves in the foot when they killed music sharing online what they should have done was embraced it and monetize it. But the gangster mentality prevailed they lobbied Congress and stopped websites like Napster. What they should have done was bought the company and redirected the business model. In my opinion that was the final nail in the coffin of the record business. Why does an artist need a record label today? I say they don’t, you can record your own music in your basement, bedroom, garage or your friends house. The equipment to do it is fairly affordable, you have the internet to market and promote you music. It’s not about how many records do you sell it’s about how much exposure you can get for your new music or new artist. Sure you can make a new song downloadable for 99 cents sell a number of units if the product is good. The new music business is all about exposure to a mass amount of people worldwide, merchandising, concert tours, product endorsements and other creative business tie ins to generate revenue. Now welcome to the new music business.

  2. He’s right, in a way. The old “music industry” IS dead, and maybe something better will take its place; something better for the artists and for the listening public. The old industry was cheating most artists and the public, plus it failed to stay relevant in the face of new technologies. It was done in by jts own greed. The listeners helped kill it by sharing and downloading music for free. What’s next? Maybe an accurate way to track digital sales and more artists selling their own music directly to the public, or maybe something else entirely.
    Bottom line, Will.I.Am is right, but the future is wide open with possiblities. I’m all in favor of artists being in control of their creations. Art is not a commodity…
    I’m out


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