Will.i.am Says The Music Industry is Dead (video)


Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Here we go again with another artist proclaiming that the music industry is dead. Nas said, “Hip Hop” was dead some time ago but now Will.i.am, in an interview where he also talks about embracing technology, states vehemently that the music industry is absolutely dead. We have tackled this issue from several fronts but now the pop icon gives his honest opinion on the industry.He breaks it down in the sense of being an artist signed to a major label. He says, “…your contract if you are signed to a major label is based on records. There are no more record stores and they are not pressing up records. Matter of fact they ain’t even making record players, they are not pressing up CD’s, matter of fact CD’s aren’t even in laptops anymore…”Peep the video below to see what else the member of the multiplatinum group, The Black Eyed Peas had to say about the death of the music industry. Do yo agree with him? Originally posted August 6, 2014https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zukfQX4cRpg


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