Top 5 Reasons Indie Artists Need an Entertainment Lawyer


In this business or entertainment you come across all types of people and Entertainment Lawyer, Greg Bloom is one of the good ones.  I met Greg  at a panel discussion for DEMOS Documentary film, where we both served on the panel, and I must say he is always looking to help indie artists get to the next level.  

I recently had the pleasure of chopping it up him.  Greg works at Chase Lawyers firm located in Miami, New York, and D.C and he was gracious enough to offer his time to let us and you know why independent and all artists for that matter need an entertainment lawyer. Check out his Top 5 Reasons why indie artists need a lawyer in their corner.

5. Creating Valid Intellectual Property

Lawyers help to create valid copyrights for writers and producers. They also help to create valid trademarks so artists can brand themselves properly without conflict. There are sound recording copyrights and composer copyrights. The definition of a record company is a company that owns sound recording copyrights. The definition of a publishing company is a company that owns composer copyrights. The lifetime of a copyright last for the lifetime of the artist plus 70 years. Lawyers help the artist create valid intellectual properties so he can move forward.

4. Protect the Artist

Lawyers protect artists through proper contracts and agreements to make sure they have all their copyright ownership or intellectual property ownerships. Lawyers do this through various documents: Work for Hires, Website Agreements, basic songwriter split agreements, or anything that makes sure the artist owns everything he/she is creating.

3. Assist In Marketing

Lawyers assist in marketing the music once it has been protected by educating an artist on what they need to do to have a label take interest in them. Once they have taken those proper steps a lawyer can then put the product in the proper hands of the people that make those high powered decisions.

2. Favorable Deals

Once someone takes interest in an artist, lawyers assist in negotiating favorable deals and making sure any deals that artist gets involved in is beneficial.

1. Let’s Get Paid

This is the most important one. Lawyers help the artist to maximize his/her revenue opportunities with their intellectual properties. Lawyers make sure that every avenue such as merchandise, sound recordings, public performance, or tours is capitalized upon for the artist. Again, it’s all about maximizing your intellectual properties. 


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