Top 15 Serious Things Black People Over 40 Are Concerned Most About…


Recently, Radio Facts took a poll of our readers over 40 to find out what their greatest concerns are. The poll lasted a few days and there were many responses. Here are the top answers. We will be posting stories and articles that address these issues and more…

15 Eliminating Stress


14 Finding a way to live in Truth


13 My Poor Eating Habits

radio facts, black readers,

12 Being old and alone


11 Making Major Changes in my Life

radio facts, black readers,

10 Finding Love

radio facts, black readers,

9 Age Discrimination

8 Family Relationships


7 Starting another Career

6 Losing Weight

radio facts, black readers,

5 My continued relevance in my industry


4 Finding ways to Help Others

radio facts, black readers,

3 Job Security


2 Improving Health


The Number 1 Answer? Planning for Retirement


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