The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Asks How Much Should a Person Spend on a Gift After Only Dating Six Months (video)


    Maria More asks, when it comes to Holiday gift giving, how much should a person spend on a gift if they have been dating for only six months? The Rickey Smiley Morning Show agreed that six months was ample time to add that particular love interest to the holiday gift-giving list. “Six months is a long time these days,” said Rickey Smiley.

    According to a poll at, 7 out of ten of its users wouldn’t spend anything because the relationship must have continued for at least seven months. 38% of people polled said that if they do not get an appropriate gift from a person they had been dating, they are breaking up, informed More. “That depends on the character of the person, though, because, like, if you a generous dude… You got to be real cheezy to think like that,” said the morning show host.

    Da Brat said that even if the couple has been together for only a few months, an individual should get their beau a gift; if not, that is a red flag.

    More said she had dated her husband for only six weeks before he proposed. “He gave me a whole ring and made me a whole woman,” she added.

    “I just think gifts are nice, let you know hey I’m thinking about you, I care about you… Here’s a little something, a token that’s my appreciation. I really enjoyed our time together. I’m going to give you this gift, Christmas gift, rather it’s Easter or just a thinking about you gift,” said Smiley.  

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