Steve Harvey Says Married People Cannot Have a Side Piece (VIDEO)


    Steve Harvey said married people cannot have a side piece. A viewer wrote into the Steve Harvey Morning Show to discuss her issues. She wrote, why can’t my husband and I both have a side piece? The woman said she had been married to her husband for three years, and things had been going well until last year when the husband said he was having an affair.

    He told his wife about a female friend living out of town, which was like a sister to him. The wife said she met the woman when she came to town for homecoming, but she does not trust any woman around her man.

    The woman said the female friend and her husband talk and often communicated; when the wife asked what the discussions were about, the husband said it was just small talk.

    But the wife said last June, the friend moved to the same city as her and her husband, and a month later, she found a ten-pack of condoms in his car. There were only two left in the pack. The husband admitted to the affair, and the wife suggested they go to counseling.

    The husband refused to go to counseling and said that he wanted to be with the wife and his friend. The wife said that she and her husband keep up appearances but do not have an intimate relationship.

    The wife has found a new beau for herself, but now the husband is possessive and wants to fight her new mate. Strawberry said that is a double standard. And sometimes, men do things that women cannot get away with.

    Steve Harvey said the wife could not have a side piece with her husband because those relationships never work out. Married people cannot have a side piece. The husband told the wife he was having an affair quickly because his marriage does not mean much to him, said Steve.


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