Why is Tavis Smiley STILL talking about President Obama? Now he has a book out? (vid)

When President Obama won the presidential race this past November, he immediately stepped into the glaring spotlight and several black “future” leaders had lost a tremendous amount of their influence. After all, we now have a black president. Tavis Smiley has basically disappeared since his infamous departure from the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) which many speculate was because of the pressure black listeners gave him over his negative comments about Obama. Since that time, it’s as if Tavis has not fully recovered. You would think he would just move on and reinvent himself but he seems to be almost obsessed with Obama. Now he has a book out where he is asking people to verify if Obama has been accountable for his pre election promises. What in De Fook? What happened to Tavis’ agenda? I didn’t realize he actually interviewed Obama before he won. Video below.

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