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Why is Tavis Smiley STILL talking about President Obama? Now he has a book out? (vid)


Radio Facts: When President Obama won the presidential race this past November, he immediately stepped into the glaring spotlight and several black “future” leaders had lost a tremendous amount of their influence. After all, we now have a black president. Tavis Smiley has basically disappeared since his infamous departure from the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) which many speculate was because of the pressure black listeners gave him over his negative comments about Obama. Since that time, it's as if Tavis has not fully recovered. You would think he would just move on and reinvent himself but he seems to be almost obsessed with Obama. Now he has a book out where he is asking people to verify if Obama has been accountable for his pre election promises. What in De Fook? What happened to Tavis' agenda? I didn't realize he actually interviewed Obama before he won. Video below.

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  1. WOw, Tavis has a new fan base. Just because the kool aide drinkers who listen to the joyner show dissed Tavis doesn’t mean he has lost ground. I’m sure he prefers the donations he gets now that he wasn’t getting from his kool aide drinker fan base. His PBS show is very professional and informative. His fan base his now more diverse and more intelligent. Radio doesn’t make or brake a strong minded person and to the people that dissed tavis suck a fat one. The man spoke his mind and stated some facts about another black man and he was called a hater. COme on now….

  2. I agree, Tavis is a bro who has always been on point. Obama is just a new girl in town who suckered most Nigros into his bullshitzx. If Tom Joyner shapes your perception on anything, then you must be pretty dumb.
    Tavis, isnt like a recurrent song that goes away after once being in heavy rotation, he’s a bro who has always done good things on our behalf.What has Obama done? Have you forgotten Nigros?. When Tavis brought us info on BET when we had nothing on, where was Obama. His State of Black America forums were just wonderful and are very important. What has Obama done for us, EVER?
    I want nothing to happen to our first black president and he looks good and speaks well , and he may be source of inspiration to SOME of us, I support a bro who has a track record of doing good for US, that’s Tavis Smiley. Obama on the other hand has done well for only himself and his family.


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