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Need a Little Miles Davis in Your Life?

Celebrating the Life and Music of Miles DavisRadio Facts: 

Justine Skye Visits The Breakfast Club Radio Show and Discuss Her Experience with Domestic...

Justine Skye opens up about her own experience with domestic violence on Nov. 19 with The Breakfast Club Radio Show.She speaks on how at the beginning of the relationship and how she thought it was all love.

The Therapist: Katy Perry – A One Hour Special VICELAND On Monday, June 19th

After captivating the world all weekend with her live-streamed life, VICELAND will broadcast global pop star Katy Perry’s intimate, in-depth session with “The Therapist,” Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh.During the emotional and raw extended episode, Perry opens up to Dr. Siri about the struggles that arise from the split between her public persona and her private self.

WGCI Takes a Stand Against Violence in Chicago

107.5 WGCI will host Street Talk: Stop The Bleeding, a special community town hall session, as part of its ongoing series of community conversations on gun violence in the city of Chicago. 107.5 WGCI launched the series in March 2016.

Pharrell Bonds with Country Group Little Big Town Over Southern Cooking and Great Music

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: There are two things that are universal in language, great music and great food. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly or kook-aid and sugar.

BMI Songwriter Bobby V Releases New Music

He’s back! Smooth crooner Bobby V has gifted his fans with an early Christmas present in the form of his new six-song EP, Peach Moon. Backed by a full band and showcasing Bobby’s love for the piano, the project offers up the vibes of a Motown-inspired jam session while touching on the unpredictable moods of love.

Backbeat Books Announces Rolling Stones Gear

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Coming in January 2014 from Backbeat Books, Rolling Stones Gear is the first book to historically document all of The Rolling Stones’ musical gear on their way to superstardom. Rolling Stones Gear not only covers the group’s personal background, but also every tour and studio session from their inception in 1962 to date, with detailed descriptions

Musicians Benefit From Extended Copyright Term For Sound Recordings

New rules introduced November 1, 2013 will see recorded performers and musicians benefit from an extended length of copyright term for sound recordings and performers' rights in sound recordings - increasing from 50 to 70 years.The Copyright and Duration of Rights in Performances Regulations 2013 implement EU directive 2011/77/EU into UK law.

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