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Steve Kerr Humiliated By Not Understanding the Forces of Racism

2020 has been an eye opening experience for many people not matter their ethnicity or race. 2020 has revealed the ugliness and system of racism that hasn't been discussed on this large of scale in public forums. [...]

Steve Kerr Tells Jemelle Hill Scottie Pippen Was Everyone’s Favorite Teammate on the Bulls

Just when you thought the opinions about "The Last Dance" had subsided, Steve Kerr made an appearance on Jemelle Hill's Unbothered podcast and she got the championship player and coach to open up about the 90's Chicago Bulls team. [...]

Jemelle Hill Tells Cari Champion the Moment She Knew She Was a Black Woman...

I'm pretty sure now most people know who close Jemelle Hill and Cari Champion are. Both women left the world of ESPN to bet on themselves and it is refreshing to see these two women supporting one another. [...]

Jemelle Hill and Ellen Pompeo Talk White Allies

Jemelle Hill invited Ellen Pompeo of "Grey's Anatomy" to her "Unbothered" podcast. Jemelle referred to Ellen as a white ally and Pompeo did not take that lightly. The actress gave an interesting perspective on what she feels white people need to do. [...]