Steve Harvey Says Exposure and Life Lessons Trump Geometry and History


steveSteve Harvey loves to provide motivation these days. Whether he is helping women find the right mate or helping young men become men, he seems to be on a path to help mankind. Some say he does it just for the money and to be honest, he even said that is one of the reasons he works so hard but he seems to geniunely like to provide bits of wisdom here and there that could really help someone out. I believe his message resonates with people because of the way it is presented. steve harvey gives you perspective on life by using his trails and tribulations as an example. He also drops jewels in a real type of way. He never comes off like a professor or a scholar; he is more a real guy that worked hard and continues to work hard to achieve great success and wealth.In this video clip you will see Steve break it down for you as he talks about the value of real life education vs. school education. Steve believes in the knowledge we attain via school but he is all about life lessons and exposure. Check out the clip to see the jewels he dropped on the subject.


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