Radio Programmers Viewed as “Arrogant”


I have consistently heard complaints about black radio programmers being mean and arrogant. I also hear complaints about the need for new blood in programming in order for the industry to prosper and grow. I don’t see this side of the coin often since I’m not asking radio for anything.

I get more fear-based decision-making when it comes to honoring our success and promoting it which could certainly inspire younger black industry talent. Nevertheless, I’ve repeatedly heard that Black programmers can be very arrogant and mean when other Black people in the industry approach them for something.

Initially, I thought this may or may not be true until I repeatedly heard it from several sources.

Allow me to say to my fellow PDs that it’s advisable to be considerate of others because when the corporation holds one nostril and blows you out with the other, the same people that you treat like sh could be the ones to help you find your next gig.

As many of us are well into our 50s and even 60s it’s advisable to treat people better … MUCH better, few of us have the best retirement plans and we have to keep working.

TRUST me. I’ve seen it enough times in 26 years to KNOW it to be true. No radio gig is worth deleting your ability to connect with others who could greatly benefit you in the near future

One highly successful record person told me “Radio used to be 1st base now it’s 3rd and Programmers are incredibly arrogant in their approach to doing things.

The choice is yours. Just a thought brethren


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