Peter Rosenberg Clowns White Rappers for Being Clowns

Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show brought back what was once a very popular segment, The Realness. If haven’t heard the segment, it’s pretty much a minute or so where peter rosenberg picks a topic to keep it real. In this particular The Realness segment, peter rosenberg chose to address the topic of white rappers. As he does pay homage to the likes of Eminem, MC Serch, Action Bronson, and a few others, he also takes the time to talk about what he feels is buffoonery with some white rappers. He talks about rappers like Slim Jesus not respecting the culture and basically coming off like clowns. Although he is clowning a bit himself, you can tell there is some truth to what he is saying. Watch the segment to see what else Mr. Rosenberg had to say.

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