OH NO: Al Sharpton Goes LEFT on Tavis Smiley DIRECT for his statements on Tom Joyner ‘s Show (audio)


Tavis has painted the wall red then tries to convince everyone the color is actually blue. He started a fight then he claims innocence. Finally he steals a line from Oprah’s retirement speech when he says “…a lot of what folk are saying is conjecture.”I think I get it now. Tavis is threatened by Obama’s success and he fears becoming irrelevant and obsolete because of it. The entire “black agenda” came to a screeching halt when Obama won because white people now have the ultimate excuse “You have a black president, what the hell else do you want?”While we may still have many issues concerning racism, Obama’s win has forced black leaders to rethink their position and now THEY have to be held “accountable.” al sharpton is wise and instead of attacking the president, he has embraced him… unlike Tavis. Tavis is making the situation worse because he it is becoming more and more apparent that he is fighting a losing battle and while he claims there is conversation going on “out there” about the president needing to support a “black agenda” THAT’S “conjecture” and pure bullshit, people are trying to recover from the most disastrous presidency in the history of the United States (Bush Jr) and put food on the table, find work and pay rent. Sharpton obliterates Tavis and puts him back in his lane during this segment (below). It becomes evident that Tavis is REALLY pissed at Sharpton for not appearing at his new event in Chicago. This was a publicity stunt and mere sour grapes again on Tavis Smiley’s part.


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