Caesars Entertainment Join Forces for “Kind Heaven” with Lollapalooza Creator Perry Farrell, Cary Granat and Ed Jones

photo courtesy of Ceasars Hotel and Casino
A partnership between Lollapalooza Creator Perry Farrell, Cary Granat and Ed Jones of Immersive Artistry, whose award-winning co-founders have been responsible for major Hollywood fantasy film franchises, and Caesars Entertainment, is resulting in a new venture called “Kind Heaven” which will premiere in Las Vegas in 2019. The music, film and entertainment visionaries will open the venture at The LINQ Promenade. The effort will combine leading-edge tech and Hollywood style storytelling by taking visitors on a sensual exotic journey that offers the best of Southeast Asian culture, music, food, danger, fashion, exoticism, exploration, mystery and spiritual enlightenment.The interesting concept will feature a soundscape curated by Farrell and provide a wide variety of experiences, from dark and mysterious back alleys to a Forest Temple and beautiful Sanctuary. Every area will feature different food, drink, and entertainment experiences and everything will be available for purchase.


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