Lee Michaels is doing WHAT???

The recession is challenging us all, and the Internet talk radio pioneers at ustalknetwork.com have come up with a very provocative fund raising promotion. They made a bet with their audience that after raising the first $1,000 in a donation drive on the air, Lee Michaels, former national program director for Syndication One, will allow himself to be photographed unshaven in bib overalls, a filthy T-Shirt, straw hat, and barefoot. Andre Eggelletion, host of “The Experience,” which airs on their website has agreed to wear a crooked wig, g-string, and high heels if they can raise $5,000 in donations from listeners by midnight tonight (last night). The photos will be posted on ustalknetwork.com, and we can’t wait to see them.   We have till midnight 7/29/09 can we count on you?

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