Fans Bring Ashanti’s New Single “Let’s Go” to Life Through #DrinkUp Promo


ashanti-371171GRAMMY Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress and author Ashanti eleased her newest single, “Let’s Go,” which her fans helped bring to life through #DrinkUpAshanti, a program launched on Nov. 5. By’donating’ drops of water using hashtag #DrinkUpAshanti on Twitter and Instagram, the song and video – now available for download by visiting – went from low-fi and dark to full, lush and vibrant in a matter of weeks.This collaboration is Ashanti’s latest work with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and its Drink Up effort, which encourages everyone to drink more water more often.Anyone who used #DrinkUpAshanti on Instagram or Twitter is able to watch the video and see the specific part of the project that their post hydrated. Over the past few weeks, the song and video have transformed from a black, white and gray color scheme to a gorgeous, richly colored palette featuring flowers comprised of fan posts.The caign also featured a chance for one lucky winner who used #DrinkUpAshanti to win an all expenses paid trip for two to Grenada to see Ashanti perform in concert on December 19.”It was such an honor to collaborate once again with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America and its Drink Up effort,” Ashanti said. “I love that my words can be used as encouragement to live a healthier lifestyle. Drinking water is an essential part to living life, so remember to Drink Up!”Previously, Ashanti lent her talents to Partnership for a Healthier America by participating in an album titled, “Songs for a Healthier America” released in 2014.Led by PHA, Drink Up was launched in 2013 to encourage people to drink more water more often. “Let’s Go,” which is being released on Ashanti’s own label Written Entertainment, went through four phases, from dehydrated to hydrated, and today is available for sale on iTunes.”Drink Up Ashanti delivered fan engagement and a positive message to a wide audience, all without coming off as paternalistic or prescriptive,” said PHA CMO Drew Nannis. “It’s exactly what we try to achieve with Drink Up – to encourage drinking more water without wagging our finger at anyone. The song is now fully hydrated, sounds great and people can hear what they’ve helped make happen. We can’t thank Ashanti enough for all the support and hope everyone downloads’Let’s Go’, today.”

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