Denise "Vanity" Mathews' Suffering Medical Challenges, Asks for Donations


Radio Facts: Evangelist and former Prince protege Denise “Vanity” Mathews is ill and asking for your support.”Praise the Lord everyone this is Denise Matthews I just got out of the hospital again I’ve taken an ambulance 3 times so far. Instead of going back to Washington Hospital I went to Kaiser this time. They diagnosed me and they gave me medicine for my illness, praise God. I didn’t get very much help at all from the other hospital but I did witness to many doctor, nurses and patients in his name. I want to say thank you to everyone for all your help and your generosity that you have sent towards my new medication bills which is what a lot of it will be used for Including financing a % of my hospital bills. I do so greatly appreciate all of you and all of your great love towards me/ Jesus shall deliver me. Please pray for miracles my way. As my breath is slow, But my spirit is full of love for God’s people. May we continue steadfast and to everlasting life. Please note Saints, If you find anything In the way of gifts On my site Note that I’m going to be selling everything real cheap, for a small Donation price. I love you all And bless you all Everlasting life my friends Be sweet Be kind Be fruitful Be gentle to those that are sick To those that have fallen And believe Christ In everything Search him, Find him And obey Him. So much love to you all Love, Denise Matthews. So pick and choose I would love to send you a gift. God bless you!”


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