Cory Coco Brother Condrey to Hold Prayer Rally


image2Cory” Coco Brother” Condrey and his wife Joann Rosario Condrey are hosting a City Prayer rally at Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday January 7th at 7pm. The Condreys have officially kicked off their 50 state STAND Campaign, called “REFOCUS AMERICA,” which is set to begin in Charlotte on Jan 7th. Condrey’s focus is to bring together all people and had this to say:POWER 98 and I care about our community. We care about today’s issues and our leaders in the community. Never have you’ve seen a Hip-Hop Radio Station STOP for one day to pray! Prayer is the only thing that will change what’s going on in America today! Jamillah Muhammad knows how important this is to the local communities and cities. It’s needed today…..This prayer gathering on January 7th at Grady Cole Center will show exactly that we, aspeople of faith, are beginning to STAND in unity and love.”


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