Chris Brown: States Former Stepfather Abused Him

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In a previous interview with GIANT Magazine, Chris Brown stated that his former stepfather Donnelle Hawkins was very abusive and used to kick him and his mother’s ass. Brown admits he still hates Hawkins to this day. Hawkins who was interviewed by EXTRA yesterday says he only spanked Chris once and that he is being made out to be the bad guy. He has also said he would not be surprised if Chris did beat Rihanna up and that Chris needs to take responsibility for his actions.   There is animosity in that statement and glee, as if Donnelle could not wait for Chris to fail.   I have hardcore innate issues with people who abuse children. Reason? I was abused as a child but I also had another side where I was incredibly blessed…Chris is not lying, I can tell.   I have no mercy for the perps and pussies like Donnelle Hawkins.Hawkins needs to take responsibility for HIS own actions… FYI, now you know why I have a dark sense of humor… (laugh).

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