What is the Definition of a "Mom and Pop" Quick Breakdown


Yesterday, I was talking to a good friend who mentioned to me that a company she worked for was “just a mom and pop organization.”
We all know the basics of what a “Mom and Pop is and many of us resort to describe it a poorly run, often black, operation but did you know a large corporation can also be a “Mom and Pop” too?   Moreover it does not always have to be black owners.
To celebrate Volume 32 ‘ 14 year anniversary for the next month and having that much experience as a business owner, I’ve seen it all and I’m going to tell you what a Mom and Pop REALLY is.. and what creates them..

What is a Mom and Pop Organization…

by kevRoss
1. A Lack of Capital at Start up
In the beginning of any business the greatest need is ALWAYS capital. Many of us have never had the luxury, as I was telling my industry friend yesterday, of coming home as kids and listening to our fathers talk about his day at the job doing business like white kids often do/did. There were no father/son days for many of us where our fathers took us to work because for the most part…. there were no fathers (laugh)…. I was no different as were most of the kids I grew up. The black father was simply non existent. To that (read the rest on “Mom and Pops” in the Forum)