Urban Radio PD Blames PPM for "Destroying" Urban Radio?



Urban Radio PD Blames PPM for “Destroying” Urban Radio?

Let us start off by saying we understand how PPM works and how important it is for radio stations and advertising so Volume 32 does not agree or disagree with this statement but we found the accusation interesting. Is it fair to say this? In a conversation this morning with a well-known Black radio PD, he suggested that PPM is the reason Black radio is so boring and lacks creativity. He also stated the corporations follow PPMs stringent rules to maintain listeners which hurts new artists and their music being played at most Black radio stations. “I get some INCREDIBLE new music from the labels and I can’t play it!” The PD stated, “On top of PPM, the wrong people are in place telling ME what MY listeners want to hear and I’m TIRED OF THIS SHIT!” he begged. As we nervously held the phone in the hopes this PD was not about to have a titanic stroke, he went on to say…   “PPM lambasts Black radio programmers and announcer creativity. It also bores the listeners.” As we have stated here in Volume 32 , technology will give birth to new ratings services which will leave antiquated methods homeless. Stations and corporations are going to have more choices in how to monitor ratings with more sophisticated systems but is this PD right? Your thoughts, comment anonymously if you wish.