Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter React to Mitt Romney’s Speech to the NAACP

 width= Mayor Kasim Reed and Mayor Michael Nutter held a press to react to ‘s at the 103rd NAACP . They highlighted the clear contrast between for an built to last and Mitt Romney, who would take the country back to the same failed policies of the past.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

“He tried to go to the NAACP and then take a position that he knew would impact seven million adversely and then he got the response that was completely appropriate. It makes him look like he’s having character and integrity, when he wasn’t really speaking to the NAACP audience at all. He’s aware what’s going in Congress today, and those are the individuals he was speaking to. So he was trying to pull off a reverse Sister Soulja moment. He never displays that kind of character, integrity, or courage when Rush Limbaugh makes a comment. He didn’t display that kind of character, integrity, or courage when Ted Nugent made comments about the President that were wholly inappropriate. He didn’t display that kind of character, integrity, or courage when the young law student at Georgetown was disparaged. But he’ll come to the heart of the NAACP and say that Obamacare should be repealed. That’s why it was a political stunt.”

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

“It’s really a choice now between Presidents Obama’s vision that we move American forward toward an economy that’s built to last, or the vision that Mitt Romney laid out even this morning at the NAACP convention that would only take us back to the same failed policies of the past that nearly drove our country into another Great Depression. While Mitt Romney tried to paint a picture of a President who failed the community, we know that the reality is that President Barack Obama has delivered time and time again – worked to restore the economic security that has eluded too many hard working Americans and certainly African Americans. And you can tell that Mitt Romney‘s attempt to distort the Presidents record was not well received. Folks at the NAACP convention, folks across American, black or white, are not going to be fooled by this nonsense.”

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