TREND ALERT? Bloggers or DJs Breaking Records?


Digital and Radio Facts: Bloggers are the new power media. Without question, the rules and the fooked up politics of the old fat bald editor journalism model are now dated and dying and while the stories are not always verified with bloggers, you can now get   your news from hundreds of various perspectives and sources. Wise programmers and radio better be up on the concept and it behooves Radio DJs to pay attention too. As a blogger myself, I love it. Are bloggers breaking records? Just about everybody I talk to at the labels certainly think so and they make it a priority to be on top of all the hot blogs…. read this interesting story I found about the subject on… KevThe other day, a friend of mine came up to me and told me about a radio DJ that he’d spoken to, that said he wasn’t going to play my “Say Wassup” single feat. Phonte, because my name wasn’t hot enough in the streets. Back when I was signed to a record label, this type of information would’ve shaken me up enough to ask for the DJs number, call him, invite him to dinner or do whatever it took to get my record one or two spins. My reaction however, was almost the complete opposite. “Fook em! I ain’t got the $150,000 it takes to make a real push for radio anyway.” In order to support my claim, think about it like this. How can you tell me the top 8 at 8 is damn near the same all over the country? Who are the real record breakers in the age of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and whatever I barely know anyone who proudly proclaims to listen to terrestrial radio anymore and club DJs tend to play what people already know, so again I ask, where do new records get broken? The majority of new records that I’ve heard this year whether it be Drake, Skyzoo, B.o.B., etc. I’ve gotten from online/ It seems as though these are the only entities that aren’t scared to profile new music anymore or are not holding for ransom new music.So then the question comes back around, how can the DJ keep his/her relevancy? Artists find themselves in almost impossible situations. There are thousand s of DJs in every state, that all want drops, special freestyles and a phone call when you get to town. Everyone wants to be the artist’s friends, just as the artist needs to be the friend of the DJ. However, the DJ isn’t obligated to the artist, but more and more the artist is in debt to the DJ. When 80% of the time, DJs are not playing who they like or who they know. In the case of radio, they are playing what they are ordered to play. And in the case of some club DJs, they Read more: /news/entry/rhymefest-bloggers-djs-0407101/#ixzz0kZ16QJiJ


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