TOO MUCH FOR TUESDAY (and it’s Wed): This SUPER Fine Pop Singer Arrested for Infecting Man with HIV


Radio Facts: This woman looks like a poster child for the board of health but the famous German pop star has been accused of having sex with several partners without informing them she has Hiv – and one man has told a German Newspaper how he was intimate with Nadja Benaissa without using a condom (what was HE thinking?).
The ËœNo Angelsâ„¢ star – who has sold more than five million records worldwide – has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm by infecting a former partner with HIV, the virus Nadja, who shot to fame by winning the first series of the German talent show ËœPopstarsâ„¢ in 2000, is now in custody so that she canâ„¢t infect anyone else. The revelations came to light after an ex-lover, who only found out about the starâ„¢s disease after their affair, pressed charges against Nadja when he tested positive for Hiv in 2008.
Klaus W.* (37) had unprotected sex with popstar Nadja. “I met Nadja in 2004. We liked each other and met up. I found her very attractive. At some point we went back to my house and got intimate. At the beginning of the affair the two apparently used condoms when they slept together. Klaus added: Å“But later we decided to do it without protection. “I didnâ„¢t think anything of it, I had just done an AIDS test myself, which was negative. I felt safe. “Later I asked Nadja: ‘Is everything OK with you health-wise?' She answered: ËœYes, of course.â„¢ I believed her.Å“
A few weeks later the affair ended and Klaus never saw Nadja again. Å“Only two years later did someone tell me that Nadja had been Hiv positive for years. I was pretty shocked that she hadnâ„¢t told me anything. “I later questioned her on the telephone. She just said that if I was also infected then it doesnâ„¢t necessarily have anything to do with her.  Klaus W. didnâ„¢t want to tell BILD whether he is also now Hiv positive: Å“I will talk to the prosecutors about that. During the court case everything will come to light. I think that it is good that she is going to be held responsible.
“No one can do anything about getting ill. But every HIV-infected person must protect his or her sexual partner and require that they use a condom. “That is the very least that they should do, if they are going to keep their illness from their partner. 

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