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The Steve Harvey Morning Show Says Bishop Whitehead’s Livestreamed Robbery Could Be Fraud

The Steve Harvey Morning Show said Bishop Lamor Whitehead’s livestreamed robbery could be a fraud. A blinged-out Bishop in Brooklyn was delivering his sermon on Sunday when three armed masked men robbed him and his wife, taking close to $1,000,000 worth of jewelry, said Shirley Strawberry. Whitehead is the pastor of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries.

He was live-streaming his service around 11:00 AM this past Sunday when he and his wife were forced to the ground and robbed in front of his congregation. Whitehead discussed the robbery on his IG page, recalling how he was gone down on the floor with a gun pointed at him while the men robbed him.

Whitehead said he followed the thieves out of the church and watched them get into a white Mercedes. He added, “we’re pushing. We’re still doing what we need to do. I’m not a person from the suburbs; I’m from Brooklyn. I’m from the city. I understand the streets. This Bishop, I’m not scared.”

The morning show questions the validity of the robbery. Perhaps it was an insurance scam. Maybe they were targeted since the sermon was livestreamed.

“When you go into the police station with a gold chain on, or gold ring on and a Fendi, suit with a matching shirt, you a little flossy Bishop.”

Steve Harvey said he was not sure what the pastor does for a living, but if he was just “Bishoping,” the bling-out man of God, has a lot of explaining to do. He added that being flashy with material goods is not in the Bible, which is where some pastors go wrong.

“If you want to go to hell, rob the church,” said Harvey.

Strawberry said that today people have no regard for holy ground. Harvey said the respect is gone. People are getting killed in churches.

Good morning show said some of the money Whitehead spent on buying expensive items and jewelry should have been spent on security. Strawberry pointed out that the robbers got away in a white Mercedes. They were wealthy thieves.

Steve Harvey said if the robbery were a fraud, the insurance company and the inspectors would do an investigation. He knows someone on Page Six who is under investigation for fraud after a robbery in Spain.


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