Young Child Slain Near Boston Playground, Says Mayor


A young child was slain near a Boston playground, said the mayor. On Wednesday evening, police said, just before sunset, a juvenile male was shot and killed on a neighborhood street.

Around 7:30 p.m., along Ellington Street near a playground, the murder occurred. Authorities declined to provide any additional information about the victim. However, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu said the victim was a “young child.”

“Anytime there is any incident of gun violence in our community, it is absolutely unacceptable,” Wu said. “When we see the loss of life, and particularly a young child, we are all robbed of the potential, the life, that was ahead of this young person. I am deeply devastated and here with community members to say we need to get guns off of our streets.”

The youngster was killed near the Erie-Ellington Playground, located at the corner of Ellington and Erie streets.

“When someone as young as this loses their life tragically to gun violence, I will echo what the mayor has said,” Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden said. “We need to address and get these guns off our streets.”

“One homicide in our city is one too many, they’re all tragic, but when it happens to someone of tender years, what happens to a young teenager, that obviously strikes right at the very heart and right the very fabric of our communities and our children,” Hayden said. “Our heart goes out to this community. It goes out to this young man’s family.”

“There was a very quick response here and there’s still a lot of evidence being gathered and a lot of information coming in,” Hayden said.

Anyone with any information should contact Boston police homicide detectives at 617-343-4470.

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