The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Unsure if Her Husband is a Cheater or if He is Paying a Friend’s Car Note to be Nice (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman unsure if her husband was a cheater or if he was paying his friend’s car note to be nice. A woman wrote into the Steve Harvey morning show for advice. She said she had been married to her husband for 12 years, and they have been struggling financially because of the pandemic. The woman said she had to step up and take care of most of the responsibilities.

    Her husband was out of the house a lot, even though they were supposed to be quarantined. The husband said he was fixing loose ends and checking up on his businesses. The wife said she believed her husband because he eventually closed the businesses.

    In 2022 he began receiving back-to-back phone calls, which he ignored. She said she was curious but did not ask any questions. The suspecting wife shared her concerns with her older sister, who has been hurt by many men. The sibling called the husband a cheater. The wife said she wanted to give her husband the benefit of the doubt; however, he may be just what her sister said, a liar and a cheat.

    The wife questioned the husband about the phone calls, and he assured her it was a bill collector. She wanted to know which one so that she could pay the bill. He said it was for his business and would take care of it the best he could. Eventually, the wife snooped around, found the number, and called the company that had been phoning her husband. The person on the other end of the line was a woman from his past whom the husband programmed under a fake company name.

    The woman said the husband had been paying her car note and was now behind, and it was about to be repossessed. The wife confronted the husband about his financial entanglement with the woman from his past, and he said he was helping her out. The wife wanted to know whether her husband was a Good Samaritan or a liar.

    Shirley Strawberry said the husband is a Good Samaritan and a liar because he is a nice friend to the woman he is helping while lying to his wife. The DJ said for the wife not to be naïve; the husband is having an affair, which would explain the phone calls between him and his friend. Strawberry said the woman is making it too easy for her husband to cheat because she is paying all the bills, and he can afford to pay his sidepiece’s car note.

    Steve Harvey said all of the signs add up to the husband cheating. When the wife asked the woman if she was having an intimate relationship with her husband, the woman did not deny it. Instead, she said, talk to your husband; according to Harvey, that was a telltale sign.


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