The Late Shabba-Doo Was Once Married to Lela Rochon, Says When he Asked to be Paid on Soul Train, Don Cornelius Fired Him


Radio Facts is sorry to report that Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quiñones has died. He was 65. On his Facebook page he had been complaining about being sick since the 20th of December and feeling tired. He had also been helping his elderly mother out and asking for prayers for her health. He posted this image (below) of himself saying he was still tired but feeling better and his roomate found him dead the next day.

I had to laugh when I heard Adolfo him talk about the late Don Cornelius and Soul Train and his experience on the show and his disappointment with Don. Everybody in LA knew that the dancers were not paid money but with Kentucky Friend Chicken and soda even though the show made millions. I got to meet Don once and told him I was a huge fan of Soul Train and he literally growled at me like a damn bear (lol).

Shabba admits that Don devastated the group by refusing to pay them even after The Lockers were starting to gain national traction. Was Don right for that? See the video below.


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