Is Stacey Dash and Fox Having the Last Laugh On Us?


Jada Pinkett-Smith’s impassioned video about her boycotting the Oscars started it all then Janet Hubert (Aunt Viv) chimed in, then Stacey Dash. In all, Jada’s video has been watched just over 11 million times, Hubert’s video at least 2 million times (but mentions in every media outlet across the board) and now Stacey Dash’s Fox news comments that have generated as many as Jada’s at over 11 million. These are the things that media people, celebrities and radio keep a close eye on, eyeballs, ratings and views.
Stacey Dash’s comments on Fox the other day about us not needing a Black History Month have pissed a ton of people off, confused many more and pleased many others but that’s her job isn’t it? When you really think about it, what if this is all intentional? How long has it been since Dash has had steady work in Hollywood before Fox News? Can some people be so desperate for stardom and steady work in Hollywood, they will do ANYTHING? Even turn on their own race for ratings?

Stacey Dash is just playing into a system that’s making her a bigger star and we’re the fuel to the fire

Dash’s presence is growing expeditiously over the last couple of days. EVERYONE is talking about the video segment (below) and her in an unfavorable way but does she care? More importantly, does Fox care? The answer is a resounding HELL YES! This is exactly what they want!  Even Roland Martin has chimed in and stated in the Daily News: “…what was most laughable is that Dash has chosen to appear on the covers of black magazines. Yeah, really.  Stacey, often in sexy and salacious poses, graced the covers of Jet, Smooth, King, Monarch, and the one that really cracked me up, Pride.” This is what makes it even more evident that Dash is intentionally doing this to ruffle feathers and this is Fox’s number one job requirement, isn’t it?  But any media person who jumps on board to attack Dash is ALSO getting press off of HER press. How many people realize that this is the same network that a whole slew of blacks tune in to watch Empire?  The network’s job is to make money even in unfavorable ways. Do we get that? The more attention we give to her statements, the bigger star she becomes the happier Fox New is. If she was on the network defending blacks like so many black people want her to be, she would have lasted two days.
Dash stated: “We have to make up our minds, either we want to have segregation or integration,” Dash said. “If we don’t want segregation then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the [NAACP] Image Awards, where you are only awarded if you are black. If it were the other way around, we would be up in arms, it’s a double standard.”
Stacey Dash is just playing into a system that’s making her a bigger star and we’re the fuel to the fire. This is going to open up doors for her in Hollywood as an actress. Is Fox a platform for her future plans? Absolutely. She is the least likely person to ignite confusion, fear, anger and frustration? People are pissed because you can’t even counterattack by calling her ugly or fat like they have so many others in her position. Viewers who are in opposition are just confused. She’s playing the media game very well and we’re falling into the trap.  Bottom line, she has a right to her opinion be it honest or not and we have the right to turn her off. See vid below…
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  1. First of all who is “we?” She is not a spokesperson for me or the Black people in my community or others based on the responses.
    Secondly, we’re not playing into the hands of anybody. There are a few people responding to her idiotic statements, but she’s totally irrelevant and unknown to the masses. That would be unless you’re a guy surfing a porn site or page with her birthday suit revealed. Not much respect on a political matter from someone who got her “fame” based on how much of her body we see unclothed.
    Don’t fall for the Okie doke.

  2. Everyone knows Fox News is the last stop for most “once” reputable news persons. You speak of Empire remember Fox was built on the talent of Arsenio Hall, In Living Color and the Simpsons. Ironically only the cartoon is still around.


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