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“Soles For Sale” Book Sheds a Revealing Light on an Untold Truth about the Crack Cocaine Era

“‘Soles For Sale’ forges a new understanding of the African American experience during the 80s and 90s. The book is a profound statement about the implications of the US position on the African American community. It’s a practical book full of glimpses into the lives of community members affected by the drug epidemic. It`s a must read for practitioners and scholars looking to shed light on helping the community, as well as parents and children seeking to prevent their presence in another chapter of any of this country`s industrial complexes.” – Mentor, Musician, and Humanitarian Kweku Brian.

Written by Mora Spicer II and Hassahn Liggins, “Soles for Sale” gives a unique yet detailed history of a phenomenon, which hit the Black Community with a devastating blow in the middle to late 1980’s and continued through the end of the twentieth century. Effects of crack cocaine have continued well into the twenty first century. This book details most, if not all, of the “players” or contributors to the devaRadio Station , which nearly generated a knockout blow to the Black Community.  

Based on true stories and interviews, Mora and Hassahn have uniquely woven a story told from the perspective of a district manager for one of the biggest sneaker retail companies in the country.  He personally witnessed how the crack cocaine era contributed to the rise of the company that paid him while simultaneously playing a part in the downfall of the community that raised him. 

Psychiatrist and former professor, Dr. Stephen A. Parker who is responsible for the books foreword had this to say, “Soles For Sale is a must read for educators, ministers, social scientists, psychologists, law enforcement personnel and others. Politicians should also read inasmuch as they make the laws and fund the social programs. The Souls of Black & Brown folks, along with Whites, were really sold. ” 

Cleverly merging the topics of hip-hop music, sneaker culture, corporate greed, social responsibility, and personal accountability, “Soles For Sale” is not your average crack cocaine era story.  This book is a documentary waiting to happen as it provides a vivid picture that is guaranteed to educate, spark conversation, open wounds, heal, and possibly change the paradigm. 

Soles For Sale is available for purchase. Please visit for more information.

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